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Mango Production Guide


Introduction, Culture and Mangement, Requirements for ideal mango production, Elevation, Temperature, Rainfall, Wind, Planting materials, Mango Propagation, Advantage of sexual propagation, Disadvantages of sexual propagation, Seeds as rootstock, Care and proper maintenance of seeds and rootstocks, Advantage of asexual propagation, Disadvantages of asexual propagation, Cleft grafting, Steps involve in cleft grafting are as follows, Kinds of planting materials, Establishment of mango orchard, Design and distance of planting, Recommended spacing for ‘Carabao’ mango, High density planting (use with caution), Field layout, Steps involved in the field layout are as follows, Caring of Young Mango Trees, Fertilization, Irrigation, Intercropping, Weed control, Insect and Disease control, Early Pruning, Caring for trees, Common nutritional deficiency symptoms in mango, Proper fertilizer application , Foliar fertilizer , Flower induction, Spray potassium nitrate (KNO3) by thorough wetting the leaves, Follow up spray or dressing, Cultar also known as “paclobutrazole” , Flower management, Integrated pest management, IPM Strategies and Tactics, Fungicide, Fungicide management, Bagging, Steps Involved in Bagging, Irrigation, Important Considerations in Irrigation, List of important pests affecting bearing trees, Pests Affecting twigs and Flowers, Insect Pest Affecting Fruits, Diseases of flowers and fruits , HARVESTING AND POST HARVEST HANDLING, Methods of harvesting, Harvesting considerations, Minimizing latex stain, Postharvest Handling, Postharvest treatments, References, Cost and Return in Establishing a Hectare of Mango Farm, Cost of weeding and cultivation/underbrushing activities , Cost for fertilization activities (Requirements based on March 2011 prices), Cost of Irrigation Activities, Cost for Induction Activities , Cost for Fruit bagging activities , Cost for harvesting activities ,

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