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Lanzones (Lansium domesticum Correa) Production Guide


Botanical Description, Food and Medicinal Values, VARIETIES OF LANZONES, CULTURE AND MANAGEMENT, Soil and Climatic Requirements, Preparation of Planting Materials, Methods of Propagation, Field Establishment and Management, Land Preparation, Planting, Shading, Watering/Irrigation/ Drainage, Intercropping, Cover cropping and Mulching, Fertilization, Training and Pruning, Flower and Fruit Management, CONTROL OF PESTS, DISEASES AND OTHER PHYSIOLOGICAL DISORDERS, Insect Pest, Diseases of Lanzones, HARVESTING AND POSTHARVEST HANDLING, MARKETING, Marketing Channels, Marketing Practices, REQUIREMENTS IN THE ESTABLISHMENT OF ONE-HECTARE LANZONES ORCHARD, Cost of tools and materials for training and pruning, ) Cost of training and pruning activities, COST OF WEEDING AND UNDERBRUSHING ACTIVITIES, COST FOR FERTILIZATION ACTIVITIES, COST OF IRRIGATION ACTIVITIES, COST OF MANAGING PESTS AND DISEASES, COST FOR HARVESTING ACTIVITIES, Summary of Establishment and maintenance cost for one hectare lanzones orchard, ESTIMATED COST AND RETURN FOR A HECTARE OF LANZONES ORCHARD, REFERENCES

Author: Author: Virgilio L Loquias

Location: Center Table

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