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Broccoli Production Guide


Introduction, Varieties, Climatic Requirements, Soil Requirements, Culture And Management, Seeding Production, Land Preparation, Transplanting, Fertilization, Liming, Mulching, Weeding, Irrigation, Disease And Insect Management, Club Root, Grey Leaf Spot, Downey Mildew, Damping-Off, Black Leg, Black Rot, Broccoli Head Rot, Cabbage Maggots, Caterpillar Pests-Cabbage Worm (Pieris Rapae), Cabbage Looper, Diamondback Moth, Purple-Backed Cabbageworm, Cutworms, Aphids, Thrips, Flee Beetles, Tarnished Plant Bug, Slugs, Physiological Disorder, Blindness, Leafy Heads, Broccoli Buttoning, Lack Of Heads In Broccoli, Hollow Stem In Broccoli, Harvesting And Handling, Storage And Conditioning, References,.

Author: Author: Juan Nastor Sr., Rafael Cachin and Vivian V. Reyes

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