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Papaya Production Guide


Description, Varieties, Solo, Cavite Special, Sinta, Red Lady, Cultural Management, Soil And Climatic Requirements, Propagation And Preparation Of Planting Materials, Land Preparation, Lay-Out And Distance Of Planting, Planting And Transplanting, Thinning The Plants, Fertilization, Water Management, Weed Control, Important Insect Pests And Diseases, Insect Pests, Mites, Scale Insects, Fruit Fly, Aphids, Diseases, Damping –Off, Bacterial Crown Rot, Papaya Ringspot, Phytophtora Rot, Brown Spot, Harvesting, Postharvest Handling, Field Sorting, Washing, Curing, Packing, Cost And Return Analysis, References

Author: Author: Arceli G. Yebes

Location: Table beside the windows

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