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Pineapple Production Guide


Introduction, Pineapple Cultivars, Culture And Management, Soil And Climatic Requirements, Planting Materials Used For Propagation, Soil/Land Preparation, Planting, Nutrition/Fertilization, Flower Induction, Intercropping, Pest Management, Diseases, Management Strategies, Proper Weeding And Soil Cultivation, Proper Drainage, Preplanting Chemical Dip Treatment, Soil Ph Management, Brown Spot Of Fruit Core/Fruitlet Core Rot Or Brown Rot, Marbling, Pink Disease, Yeasty Rot, Butt Rot And Black Rot, Soft Rot, Plant Parasitic Nematodes, Insect And Mite Pests, Nature Of Damage, White Grub, June Beetle, Toy Bettle , Pineapple Mealybug, Rodent Pests, Cultural Method, Mechanical Method, Chemical Method, Weed Management, Preventive Methods, Cultural Methods, Integrated Weed Management, Harvesting And Postharvest Handling, Maturity Indices, Harvesting, Packinghouse Operations, Trimming, Sorting And Grading, Waxing, Packing And Packaging, Storage, Transport, Cost And Return Analysis, References

Author: Author: Mercedes M. Arcelo

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