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Banana Production Guide


Table of Contents, Cover Page, Table of Contents, Crop Varieties, Cultural and Management, Field Establishment, Climatic and Soil Requirements, Propagation, Selection of planting materials, Land Preparation, Planting, Water Management, Weed Control, Cover cropping/Intercropping, Fertilization, De-leafing, Stem or mat sanitation, Fruit Care, Harvesting, Maturity indices of banana, Methods of harvesting, Pest and Disease Management, Insect Pests, Nematode, Viral Diseases, Bacterial Diseases, Fungal Diseases, IPM for Banana, Postharvest Handling, Packinghouse operation, Packaging, Transport, Storage, Ripening, Diseases, Physiological Disorders, Marketing channels for domestic trade, Cost and Return, Utilization of Banana,References.

Author: Author: Dr. LORNA E. HERRADURA, Chief Agriculturist, ROSARIO A. DEL VALLE, Agriculturist I, JONALYN A. PABUAYA, Research Assistant, BPI-Davao National Crop Research and Development Center

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